Aug 22, 2017


A BIG Thank you to our new Second-Mile Givers! Have you heard about our exciting new Adopt-a Program? You can choose to support the following areas of need within our Archdiocese.

1. Seminarians

2. Youth Ministries

3. Foreign Vocation Priest recruitment

4. Evangelization

5. Cemetery Repair & Upkeep

We currently have 92 GIVERS from within our Archdiocese - Our Goal for 2017 is 1000 Second-Mile Givers/Families. Remember, it only takes $20 per month to make a difference! Check it out at together we can make this happen! Keep up to date as we reach our goal!!!!!

Warm Blessings, Lisa Kroeger Director of Stewardship Follow us on Facebook @ Archdiocese Grouard Mclennan

For more info Email:

“…..and if anyone forces you to go one mile, go with him also the second mile.” Matthew 5:41


St. Mary's Catholic Church
1107-1 Avenue West
P.O. Box 146
Beaverlodge, AB
T0H 0C0

(780) 354-2415


To all at St. Mary's Parish

It has been a joy to participate with St. Mary's in Eucharistic celebrations over these past 3 weeks. Truly a coming home for this "daughter/sister" of St. Mary's. Mom and Dad, our family (now really only Mia) have been long time members - since 1969 when John and Johanna moved the clan to Alberta. Now 46 years later I celebrate with you the great gift of community you have in this parish. There is lots of lay leadership; you are an inter-generational group and I love to see the young people and the babies! Thank you all, Lucy Klein-Gebbinck

Lucy Klein-Gebbinck

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