“What is a house blessing?

The Purpose of Easter House Blessing

In the Bible, God blessed the houses of His servants for His purposes and glory (Genesis 39:5; Ezekiel 44:30). There is nothing that indicates that a ritual preceded the blessing. God simply blessed his people who were following in obedience to Him.

House blessings are rites intended to protect the inhabitants of a house or apartment from misfortune, whether before moving into it or to “heal” it after an occurrence. Many religions have house blessings of one form or another

In Christianity, house blessing is an ancient tradition, that can be found in Roman Catholicism,  and some branches of Protestantism. In Roman Catholicism, Lutheranism, Anglicanism, Methodism and Orthodoxy, they are usually performed by a pastor who may sprinkle holy water (depending on denominational tradition) as he walks through every room of the house, accompanied by the occupants of the house, whilst praying for the occupants.

The purpose of the Easter house blessing is that through the ministry of the priest Jesus Christ may enter your home to bring you peace and joy. This happens above all through the reading of the Word of God and the prayer of the Church.

A house blessing (also referred to as “house healing” or “house cleansing”) is a ritual performed by a priest with the intention of protecting those who live in the house from hardships and trouble. Many religions have some form of house blessing that is a part of their regular practices or traditions. The blessing usually takes the form of a prayer over the house, but practices vary from each region and religion to the next. Sometimes the blessing takes the form of hanging a framed picture of Christ with a prayer printed on it. Priests perform house blessings for their church members by sprinkling holy water in each room while praying for the inhabitants of the house. There is nothing overtly sinful or unbiblical about a house blessing. The Bible does not require any ritual in order for God to bless a home, nor does it list any rules about how a house blessing should be done. As a tradition, a house blessing is something we are free to choose. To book a house blessing please find the calendar located in the Church foyer then choose a date and time, mark down your name, phone number, and address and Fr. Michael will contact you to confirm.