Dear Parishioners,

Your weekly offering Is appreciated to help us continue paying the bills and providing services.

There are few options that are in place for you to continue supporting your Spiritual home (as per Archbishop Pettipas’ Pastoral letter dated May 7, 2020) as always, according to your ability:

Your usual Sunday envelope.  The collection baskets are placed and a donation box near the entrance of the Church which is accessible to everyone.  

Online at using your Visa or Mastercard.  You select your parish under donate button, and the archdiocese will make sure that donation is sent to the respective parish account.

Mailing a cheque to St. Mary’s Catholic Church, P.O. Box 146, Beaverlodge, AB TOH OCO.  Or St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Rio-Grande, Or St. Edmund’s Church, Hythe 

Monthly PAD (Pre-Authorized Debit) agreement.  Forms are available in our archdiocese website or near the entrance of our Church.  If you wish to use this method, simple fill out the form as directed and return it to the chancery office.  Note:  that PAD agreements can be adjusted or stopped at any time.

We recognize you may be facing financial struggles so please know that the archdiocese and your parish community will be grateful for any donation you can make at this time to help with costs associated with running your parish.

I assure you my prayers and pray that the merciful God keep you and your loved once healthy and safe as we continue to pray for one another.  

Yours in the Lord

Father Michael Dias