Readings: Isaiah 49: 1-6, Psalm: 139, Acts: 13: 22 – 26, Luke 1:57 – 66, 80

St. John the Baptist whose birthday we celebrate today in the church was a kind of messenger who was fully aware of his role and duty and lived up to it.  John the Baptist is the only other saint besides Blessed Mother Mary whose earthly birthday is celebrated in the church along with his heavenly birthday his death.  His entire life from conception to death was unique filled with miracles.  He led a grace-filled life accomplishing his call most successfully to witness Jesus as the Messiah.  He could do that most fruitfully, because god anointed him at his birth with three gifts.

First it was a power to accept God, as He is:  However much God may reveal Himself to humanity, each one of us choose our own God, a god according to our taste, to our liking, to our satisfaction.  We always hate a god who is jealous of us and wants to possess us wholly.  This is why He commanded us to love Him with our whole heart, whole soul, whole mind, and whole strength.  Unfortunately we fail in this.  But John fully accepted a genuine god as He revealed Himself in the Scriptures.  As Isaiah proclaimed John kept God as his role master, he being His servant, and looked for a reward only from God his Master.

Secondly, it was a power to accept himself as he was John has the unction of accepting willingly himself as he was.  From his birth he was clearly aware of his call to be the messenger of Jesus.  As Isaiah, he was fully convinced of his vocation from God, his purpose in life.  Paul speaks of John in the second reading that John understood who he was and who he was not.  I am not worthy to unfasten the sandals of his feet.”  He always kept a low profile while he preferred that Jesus increased and he must decreased.  He knew what he should do and what he could not do.

Thirdly, it was a power to accept others as they were.  John was made to accept others as they were.  We could notice this when he pointed out Jesus as the Lamb, as the Messiah.  He accepted Jesus’ boundaries and respected it.  Looking at others who came for his baptism, John was truthful to point out their inner attitudes and hypocritical behavior naming them as brood of vipers.  However he never rejected anyone on that basis.  He welcomed them and offered them the baptism of repentance.

Because of this triple anointing John could lead a life of peace, joy and justice.  He could go to that extent of even being beheaded for his cause.  All of us are called to be the messengers of Jesus as John was.  God might not have anointed us at our conception not at our birth.  Whether we like our life-situation or not, we are stuck to it for hears.  In married life, in community gathering  or any other public affairs we have to deal with many strangers and some unknown angels and devils as well.  Let us follow the rule of John the Baptist accepting God, others and ourselves, as the Lord wants.  Let us love each other just as we are.  We will surely find peace and joy in it.

God Bless you.  Have a wonderful day.