Friday July 24, 2020

The parable of the sower explains how the Word of God is received. Jesus knows that there are different levels of receiving the Word – allowing it to flourish and bear fruit or not giving it sufficient attention so that its effect diminishes.

Let’s look at the Christian who is like seed sown on rocky ground, the one who has no roots.  Practically speaking, this is the person who could be described as a “pop-Christian.”  It’s the person who professes faith in Christ when it’s popular and well accepted by others.  When it’s easy and convenient, this person is all in.  But as soon as there is some challenge given to the Gospel, to the Word of God, and suddenly following Christ is not popular within the culture, this person is quick to choose the culture over the Truth.

This is a very real phenomenon in our day and age.  The culture and the world as a whole are becoming more and more hostile toward the truth of our Christian faith.  The world is becoming stronger, more influential, more of a bully, and appears to be winning the battle.  This is a problem.  And the real problem stems from too many Christians who lack deep roots in their life of faith.

The ideal is to have the Word of God sown deep into our hearts where there is rich soil.  When this happens, the Word grows and becomes strong and stable.  And in the midst of a cultural or social “storm,” the Christian with deep roots and deep faith will not waver.

We need to ask whether or not we are absolutely willing to stand with Christ and for the Truth no matter how hard or unpopular it may be.  Whether you are willing to endure the ridicule and misrepresentation the world gives to the Truth?  Are you willing to stay strong in your faith in the midst of an increasingly secular society?  If you struggle with being a “pop-Christian,” pray that God will sink His roots down deep into your heart so that you will be unwavering no matter the cost.

Jesus tells us that ‘understanding’ is essential for the word to take root in our heart and to be effective in once life. Reflective and unhurried listening enables it to speak to our heart. 

The Word of God is given to us as a gift. Pray that you may allow God’s goodness to take root in your life and yield a fertile harvest, leading you in the ways of truth and love.

God Bless you.  Have a wonderful  day