August  23. 2020

1. Daily Masses as usual.  For the celebration of Sacraments kindly contact Fr. Michael or parish office

2.  Monday August 24, Feast of Saint Bartholomew

Tuesday August 25, Feast of Saints Louis and Joseph Calasanz

Thursday August 27, Feast of Saint Monica

Friday August 28, Feast of Saint Augustine 

Saturday August 29, The Passion of Saint John the Baptist 

3. Those who wish to subscribe Sunday Missal – 2020 -21Living with Christ (Periodical) and wish to personalize may do so.  For more details kindly contact parish office  Regarding “Living With Christ” monthly booklets we can offer those for as low as $3.00 per month; retail price for a one yr subscription is $41.47 averaging a cost of $3.46 per booklet.   Sunday Missal $ 6.00.    

4.  Those who wish to donate Sanitizer and MASK for parish are most welcome. 

5.  Volunteers are required for following positions: If any of you are interested in, or know of anyone who would be interested in volunteering for one of the following positions please contact me Fr. Michael or Jeannine Wood (Parish Council Chair person) or parish office.

1.  To assist for Readings

2.  Point of Entry team member

3.  Ushers 

     4.  Cleaning and disinfecting the Church before every Mass on Sundays and weekdays.  

6. Families are encouraged to pray together, reading the Holy Bible, Praying Rosary, devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Our Blessed Mother Mary and Saints.    

God Bless you.  Have a wonderful week.