Prayer When Depressed
Lord, My Heart is as heavy as lead, and I cannot see beyond this present state of depression. I do not ask, since it may not be Your will to grant it, for immediate consolation. I ask for an increase of faith, hope and love. Given more grace, I can endure this mood of passing gloom. I accept it in a spirit of penitence. Lord, turn my discouragement into true humility. May this lowering of my spirits be to me, Lord, a reminder of my dependence upon Your support. If I cannot even master a sense of dejection How can I be relied upon for the works of heroic sanctity? Show me how to trust in You from moment to moment, from mood to mood, from isolation to resolution. Thus oriented towards You, I shall be better able to rise above my periods of flagging hope. Amen
Prayer for New day
Lord thank you for yet another day. This new day is given to us, uncluttered, fresh and clean. Yesterday’s troubles are in the past, Tomorrow’s may never be seen.
God has granted us this new day to do with as we will. Let’s fill it with kindness and happiness, Love, Joy and good will!
To Ask for God’s Grace
O my God, remember that moment when, for the first time, You poured Your grace into my heart, cleansing me from original sin that You might receive me into the number of Your children. O God, You who are my Father, grant me in Your infinite mercy, through the merits and the Blood of Christ, and through the sorrows of the Holy Virgin, the graces which You desire that I should receive this day for Your greater glory and my salvation. Amen