Jealousy plays a great destructive role in the life of many. Jealousy is an unpleasant feeling that arises in a person when he or she perceive certain positive aspects present in the other as well as their presence is recognized by others. If the intensity of this feeling increases it can result into a strong emotion giving rise to actions such as spreading rumors, tarnishing the good name or image of persons, hate, plotting to do evil and other harmful actions. A negative self-image or personal insecurity is often the root cause of jealousy.

In our first reading today we read the brothers of Joseph became jealous of him as they felt he was appreciated and greatly favored and loved by their father Israel more than his other sons. Joseph thus became an anti type of Jesus. Jesus was the beloved of the Father. ‘He is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.’ Joseph was sold for twenty pieces of silver whereas Jesus was sold for thirty pieces of silver.

Probably all of us have experienced jealousy or envy at some time or other in our own lives. Jealousy can arise when we think why some persons are more blessed than others with regard to money, comforts, wealth, property, good health, certain status in life, at least an exteriorly peaceful life, as some people climb high on the ladder of social success, positions of power, authority or leadership or when others appreciated, praised and recognized more than ourselves, or when others become more successful than we do in certain areas of life or when others are favorably compared to us.

It is necessary that we watch this phenomenon in ourselves lest we become victims of it. When detected we need to take proper steps to eliminate this unpleasant destructive feeling. We need to find out the root causes of our negative self-image, personal insecurity, pride, selfishness and work at the healing the effects caused by certain psychological deficiencies present in us. Most importantly, it is necessary to decipher and experience the goodness and being grateful to the Lord for it on a continual basis will enable us to stop comparing ourselves with others and will go a long way in being content with what we are and what we have, besides accepting the fact that grudging the good in others in no way satisfies our craving for the same to satisfy ourselves. Also, it is good to know that while other have what we do not have, we may possess what they do not have. Hence it is also a matter of the perception we have of others and the lack of self-knowledge with regard to ourselves and others.

‘Let us never give into pessimism, to that bitterness that the devil offers us every day. Do not give in to pessimism and discouragement.’ Pope Francis’ Address to Cardinals, March 15, 2013.

Do I suffer from feelings of envy or jealousy? Does it leave me paralyzed or focused too much on others resulting in restlessness or lack of peace?

Am I engaged in deciphering the goodness of the Lord within myself, and thus being grateful to the Lord for them?

Am I working on myself to discover the root causes of my feeling of envy and jealousy and in order to overcome them through positive outlook on myself and by taking the appropriate means to heal myself from the efficiencies undertaken them?

God bless. Have a blessed day