The gift is that these formal prayers become an integral part of us.  The downside is that they may
become automatic.  However, even automatic prayer is still prayer if our intention is to pray.  And
when our minds wander, we may not be as fully present to God as we hoped to be. The gift is that
God understands us.  God is the one who created us with “monkey” mind:  a mind that swings from
one limb to another in a few seconds.  God is patient with us! 
In helping one another, in taking care of the less privileged ones, we too may be misunderstood and
our initiatives and action may be misinterpreted as did the King. We are to take such risks while we
work for the well being of one another.
Elisha took the initiative and suggested what the Lord want Naaman to do in that situation. God has
his own ways of taking care of us. He does not make too much noise in order to spread his
popularity. He has his own simple ways unimagined by us. Besides, he does not reach out to call in
the same way. His ways towards each one are unique, at times by a word, or a gesture or a gentle
touch etc. We need to be open to look at and obey his words and accept his ways.
Naaman was first indignant. He expected an instant miracle through the prophet Elisha. But this did
not take place. Later he relented at the words of his servants. Their words were direct; they were
unafraid to tell their boss the truth of the matter, that he would have done something difficult, if
asked, but did not wish to obey a simple command. Their fearless suggestion became part of the
miracle. But Naaman too accepted their advice. This time the servants were his bosses and he
obeyed them. No doubt, Naaman was a humble person ready to see the truth and act accordingly.
Everything put together became part of the miracle that God wrought with the instrumentally of the
servant girl, the King, Elisha and the servants of Naaman. However, the desire for healing, humility
and the ability to accept and live by the truth stood out clearly in Naaman the leper.
The thirst for healing was actually a thirst for God in Naaman though he may not have identified it
as such. Such thirst exists in each of us though we are not fully or adequately aware of it. No
wonder the responsorial psalm of the day is, ‘My soul is searching for the Lord, the God of my life;
when can I enter and see the face God.
God bless. Have a blessed day.