Acts 11: 19 – 26
Psalm 87
John 10: 23 – 30
The setting for today’s Gospel is the Temple. Jesus is in the Portico of Solomon and several Jews
gathered around him and asked: “How long will you keep us in suspense? Tell us who you are!
Are you the Christ?” They desperately wanted to hear Jesus to say to them: “Yes, I am the Christ.”
However, Jesus did not do as they asked. Rather he said to them (perhaps in an exasperating way):
“I have already told you who I am! And you refuse to believe me.” Jesus then tells these difficult
Jews that his “sheep” not only hear his voice, they also listen intently to his voice. His sheep trust
him and they follow him. Jesus will give up his life to protect His sheep from harm. Jesus then says
that he will give them eternal life!
Then Jesus begins to speak of his Father. He says that his Father is greater than anyone. And no
one has the ability to take his sheep out of the Father’s hand. Jesus ends with the simple yet
powerful statement: “the Father and I are one.” How did the Jews react to Jesus’ words? Not very
well I suspect!
Did the Jews want to understand who Jesus was? Or were they simply harassing him? I suspect
they wanted Jesus to give them an answer that they could use against him in the future. It is clear
that these Jews were not open to Jesus’ message. They simply were trying to manipulate him!
Jesus refused to play their game. I assume that his refusal to answer their questions simply fueled
the Jews’ anger. Did his response intensify the Jews’ desire to rid themselves of Jesus? Yet Jesus
stayed true to who he was. What a model Jesus is for us!
Do we speak out about what we believe, even when the people who are listening may not want to
hear what we have to say? Do we have the courage of Jesus to stand up and speak of our beliefs
and values, in the face of criticism or anger? Being a follower of Jesus is not easy! We also are
called to voice our truth. At times, we do this with our words. In other situations, our actions or
attitude may speak for us. We may not need words! Jesus will give us the courage and grace when
we are in need! Do we trust Him to do so? Will we be a true follower of Jesus?
God bless. Have a blessed day.