Acts 16: 11 – 15
Psalm 149
John 15: 26 – 16
St. Paul settling down for the night at Lydia’s house in Philippi. He and Silas ha set out
from Antioch intending to visit the churches Paul had founded in Asia Minor. They had
no idea they would wind up here, the first apostles to enter Europe. What might Paul
have said to the Lord as he prepared for a much needed rest?
“Lord, you certainly work in mysterious and unexpected ways! I wish you would
sometimes let me in on the big picture! But you don’t just map out the whole itinerary
for us in advance, do you? All the same, I am amazed at how you have led us every step
of the way.
“That doesn’t mean we weren’t frustrated along the way, Lord. It seemed like every time
we thought we should head in a certain direction, your Spirit blocked our way. When
that happens, it’s hard to believe you have something better in mind. You didn’t let us go
to Bithynia, so all we could do was turn around and head for Troas and wait. We had no
idea what to do next! I’m so grateful for the dream you finally sent a man I recognized as
Macedonian begging, ‘Come over to Macedonia and help us” (Acts 16:9). It reminded
me that every time you close one door, you eventually open another one.

“That’s what happened here in Philippi. Thank you for bringing us to the home of Lydia,
this brand new believer. When we arrived, we weren’t sure what we’d fin, so we went to
the river looking for Jews gathered to pray. And we shared the good news about Jesus
with the group of Gentile women we found there. Now we have a friend and sister in
Lydia. As a wealthy, influential businesswoman, she could provide a strategic center for
our mission here.
“Jesus, help me not to turn ahead of you. Clearly you have a plan. Just let me know how
to cooperate as we carry it forward together. Help me listen for you, Lead me!” Amen
God bless. Have a wonderful day.