The title was given to the Blessed Virgin Mary after she appeared to three shepherd
children in Fatima, Portugal, between May 13 and October 13, 1917. The three messages
or ‘secrets’ of Fatima stress the importance of repentace, conversion of heart, and
dedication to Our Lady, especially through daily prayers of the Rosary.
Acts 18: 1 – 8
Psalm 98
John 16: 16 – 20
The apostles were probably confused when Jesus told them that their grief would turn to
joy. After all, he had just as Jesus prophesied, their grief at his crucifixion turned to joy
when they encountered him as the Risen Christ.
What Jesus says here also applies to us. We might grieve as we see the evil still at work
in the world, but one day, at the Second Coming, our grief will also turn to joy. That’s
when the present world will pass away and all will be made right in the kingdom of God.
Just think: no broken relationships with family or friends, no more poverty or racism or
abortion, no more illness or pain of any kind.
And yet we don’t have to wait for the Second Coming to experience foretastes of that
kingdom. That’s because the Risen Christ is still here with us. He is present and at work
every time a parent and a child resolve their differences and reconcile. When a friend is
healed of cancer, it’s because Jesus is there as the source of all healing. When a woman
in a crisis pregnancy receives support that will help her to care for her baby. Jesus is
walking with her and giving her strength. In good times and in bad, the kingdom of God
will continue to break through because Jesus hasn’t abandoned us this side of heaven.
Yes, this life is a mixture of light and shadows. But Jesus knows what it’s like to walk
through both. And he lets his disciples all of us know ahead of time that we will face our
own ups and downs. But he also tells us it’s not the end. If the grief that he experienced
in his passion and death did not have the final word, neither will our own.

So today, whatever might be troubling you, hold fast to Jesus’ promise. Believe that the
glimpses of the kingdom of heaven that you see and experience in this life are only a pale
reflection of the joy that awaits you!
“Jesus, I will hold fast to your promise of eternal joy.”

God bless. Have a wonderful day