Acts 17: 15, 22 – 18. 1
Psalm 148
John 16: 12 – 15
This Gospel begins with Jesus telling his disciples that there is much more for him to tell
them. However, Jesus realizes that they are striving to absorb and understand what he had
been saying. He understood that at this point, they did not have the capacity to absorb
anything more.
However, Jesus reminds them that when the Spirit comes, the Spirit will guide them to all
the truth. He tells them that the Spirit will speak to them about the things that will come
in the future. Then Jesus not only foretells his departure, he says that in the future he will
return but in a new and different way!
Just as Jesus reassured his disciples, Jesus also reassures us. Today he also is telling us,
that he not only will come to us but he already is among us! Jesus comes to us in the
breaking of the bread! And when we, his followers, are gathered together, Jesus is with us
and among us!
Do we recognize Jesus with us? Do we experience his presence, his love, his grace?
Today may our minds and hearts be awake and alert to his coming! We don’t want to
miss him! What a loss that would be!
God bless. Have a wonderful day.