The Brown Scapular consists of two small pieces of cloth, typically wool,
connected by two long cords worn over the head and resting on the shoulders.
What is the history of the Brown Scapular?
According to tradition, over 700 years ago Our Blessed Mother appeared to Saint
Simon Stock, holding out to him a brown woolen scapular. “Receive My
beloved son, the Scapular of thy Order….. Whoever dies invested with this
Scapular shall be preserved from the eternal flames. It is a sign of salvation,
a sure safeguard in danger, a pledge of peace and of My special protection
until the end of the ages.” The Scapular, then, is a special garment worn as a
sign of love and devotion to Mary our Mother and Queen.
What are the conditions of wearing a brown Scapular?
Wear the Brown Scapular to one’s state in life.
Pray daily the “Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary.”
You may substitute any of the following:
To observe the fasts of the Church.
To pray FIVE decades of the Holy Rosary.
To perform any works of Mercy (Works of Charity).
To wear the Brown Scapular is to trust in Our Lady who has great power of
intercession before her Son. It is always a powerful means of grace because it
always assures us of Mary’s continuous prayers.
Mary Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Pray for us sinners.