Celebrant: Dear brothers and sisters, like the Virgin Mary, let us pray now, trusting that the Lord’s promises to us will be fulfilled:

1.  For the Church: that she may continue to be a beacon of hope calling us to turn to the Lord for new life,

we pray to the Lord.  Lord hear our prayer.

2. That the Lord may guide all who are working to provide resources, relief and comfort to those affected by the tornadoes in the south we pray to the Lord..  R: Lord, Hear our Prayer.

3. For our families, as Christmas draws near: that we may hold in our hearts the hope and wonder of the Christ-Child, who is God-with-us we pray to the Lord.  R: Lord hear our prayer.

4.  For the sick and their caregivers: that the Lord may keep all under the shelter of his care, we pray to the Lord.

5.  As the Church prepares for the Synod in 2021, may these preparations lead us ever more deeply into the communion of the Church,  foster our participation in it, and equip us for mission, we pray to the Lord.  R:  Lord hear our prayer. 

6.  For the elderly and confined to care homes, for those who are hospitalized, especially Deaya Manysiak, the lonely and isolated at home and for all of us who are undergoing personal struggles at this time, we pray to the Lord.  Lord hear our prayer.