Heavenly Father, You have commanded me to honor my Mother ,
and have taught me to do so by the
beautiful example of Your Son,
Jesus Christ, Our Lord.
Inspire me with respect and love for her,
and fill me with filial piety
That I may always do her bidding,
and may never cause her grief
by my ingratitude or disobedience.
Repay her for all the good she has done me,
as I am unable to do so.
Reward all the care she has bestowed on me
and all the worry I have caused her.
Grant her health and a long life,
success in her undertakings,
and comfort in all her trials
and sufferings.
Above all, do not permit me to cause her
Sorrow or worry.
Grant that she may experience
Only joy in me,
and that my love and gratitude
may always be a comfort to her.
Bless, O Heavenly Father,
my beloved Mother.
Bless her in body and soul.
Bless her here and in heaven above,
And grant that I, too, may one day join her there with You for all eternity. Amen
God Bless all the Mothers’s. Happy Mother’s Day.