16 th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

16 th Week in Ordinary Time
Wednesday July 20: Saint Apollinaris
Thursday July: 21 Saint Lawrence of Brindisi
Friday July: 22 Saint Mary Magdalene.
Saturday July 23: Saint Bridget. Our Lady’s Saturday.
Sunday July 24: World Day of Grandparents and the Elderly.
St. Mary’s parish Roof Fundraising Appeal: We sincerely thank all those who have
generously contributed for parish roof fundraising. We are inviting you to consider
prayerfully giving a onetime gift of donation/contribution that will go towards re-
shingling the Church roof.
If you are able to include a onetime gift along with your regular donation please indicate
that your extra gift is going towards the Church roof.
A generous couple of St. Mary’s Parish has offered to match all the funds we raise to re-
shingle the roof up to the cost of the project! Verseli Construction has been awarded the
job for a cost of $ 19,577.25. We count on your support.
So far St. Mary’s Parish has raised $ 15,090=00 for the Church Roof! Thanks to all who
generously donated to this project!
Upcoming Events:
Papal Mass at Commonwealth – Tickets available
As a follow-up, a final block of tickets will be released on Monday, July 18, 2022 at
10:30 am. Tickets are free, but anyone wishing to attend the Mass will have to reserve a
ticket. The public can access tickets through the papal visit
website: www.papalvisit.ca which will provide a direct link to the Ticketmaster.ca
You will have an opportunity to make contribution to support the Papal Visit if you wish
to do so.
Lac Ste. Anne Pilgrimage is on July 26-29, 2022
The pilgrimage will be open to registered participants only on Tuesday, July
26 th  with limited access by Park & Ride busses ONLY. To allow enough room for the
Papal Visit, camping and/or parking is NOT allowed on the site until the morning of
Wednesday, July 27 th . Participants will need to arrange camping at other locations before
then. No exceptions:
Because of the Holy Father’s visit, the pilgrimage is different this year. Until and
including July 26, you cannot camp at the shrine, but you need free tickets and to

access the site via shuttle bus. July 27 th on, you can access and camp at the shrine as
usual, but you won’t see the Pope. We will let you know of development regarding
tickets for Lac Ste. Anne on July 26 as soon as we hear from the chancery office. If
you are interested please contact Fr. Michael.
Peace Country Gospel Jamboree: Friday July 29 – July 31, 2022: You are invited.
At Centennial Museum Beaverlodge.
Help Ukrainian refugee families: If you can host a family, apply by scanning the QR
code, that is displayed on our parish notice board or send an email to the GP
Rotary, ukraine@gprotary.com. Someone will get in touch with you promptly.
Northern Light re-subscription campaign: We encourage you to purchase a
subscription to Northern Light either online or by using one of the subscription cards here
at the church. And if you are already a subscriber to this magazine, we encourage you to
re-subscribe for a second year. This unique resource is cherished by its readers – don’t
miss out!
St. Martin’s Camp: Visit campstmartin.ca to get the full details and to register and join
us – as a camper or as a volunteer. Registration and sponsorship forms are also available
at the parish.
Prayer request:
The sick especially: Dwight, Edger, Johnson, Manson, Eva, Colten, Ivy Violanda,
For the deceased: Charles Desjarlais,