No Mass on Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Join our amazing team of parish pastoral leadership team volunteers! Help plan and prepare youth
activities…. to lead children’s liturgy or help behind the scenes. If you are interested please contact
parish office/Fr. Michael/Bernadine McPherson (Liturgy Co-Ordinator)
Camp St. Martin is only a few more weeks away. We remind you to especially promote it and
share it with the families of your parishes over the coming weeks. We have attached here the
bulletin, poster and a print version of the registration form (Registration is also available
at If you have yet to have a Camp St. Martin team member speak at your parish,
please let us know and we can help arrange it.
K of C charity golf tournament:
The Knights of Columbus are hosting a charity golf tournament at the Morningview Park Golf
Course in Sexsmith on July 28th. The money raised will go towards Foundations for Life in Grande
Prairie. Please see the form available at the church to sponsor or register for this pro-life event.
Please contact if you have any further questions.
The Office of Family & Life Team” 3rd World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly –
Promotional Video and Related Resources
We are glad to share with you that the third World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly will
take place this year on Sunday, 23 July 2023. The theme chosen by Pope Francis for this year’s
World Day is “His mercy is from age to age”(Luke 1:50), highlighting the relational
interconnection between the old and young. This theme is especially fitting in light of the upcoming
World Youth Day (WYD) in Lisbon, which will take place from 1 to 6 August 2023.
The CCCB Standing Committee for Family and Life, in collaboration with its Office, has
produced a 30-second promotional video capturing the visit of a group of high school students
with residents at a retirement home. The heartwarming interaction of old and young wonderfully
illustrates this year’s theme and encourages us to find concrete and creative ways to draw closer to
the elderly.
We have developed social media guidelines and related images to accompany this video which
can be found through the links below.
YouTube – CCCB Promo Video
CCCB Website – Resource Page
Google Drive – Social Media Guidelines
We invite you to share this video and the related resources for this year’s World Day with your
network. We especially encourage family, life and youth initiatives to promote the video, especially
with groups organizing WYD events.
Together, young and old, let us be protagonists of generosity in our world and witnesses to the love
of Christ, a love that is both fruitful and supportive.
The Archdiocese of Grouard-McLennan is continuing their monthly magazine Northern Light for a
third year. The magazine includes in-depth stories, photo spreads and features from Catholic

communities across our region. It is a unique resource that is cherished by its readers – don’t miss
out! Become a subscriber or renew your yearly subscription for $70 at or check
your church for a subscription card.
We encourage you to purchase a subscription to Northern Light for $70 on the archdiocese’s website
or by using one of the subscription cards here at the church. This unique resource is cherished by its
readers – don’t miss out!

  1. Intentional discipleship Formation for adults (Catechetical modules). Starting Sept 2023.
    Online & in-person sessions. A sign up sheet is placed at the foyer. We encourage all interested in
    ongoing faith formation catechesis & lay evangelizers. For more information contact parish
    office/Fr. Michael. More information: Archdiocesan website/ Office of Evangelization and
    Catechesis Calendar.
    Correction in OEC calendar: B: OCIA and Parish Renewal – A Seminar for Parish
    Leaders/Sacramental Prep. Leaders Via Zoom: Date: Feb 2024 –
    D. Pastoral Planning Workshop – Via Zoon & in person – Developing A Five – Year Parish Process
    for Parish Staff an Leaders – Date: Dec – 2023.
    Prayer Chain requests: Confidentiality assured: Contact parish office/Fr. Michael
    Divine Renovation
    We believe in this program and wish to encourage your participation in this program and to make it
    a priority to participate via Zoom. We ask that you see this program in a positive light: not only is
    this allowing us to build on fraternal relationship, but it is equipping each of us to move from a
    ‘maintenance’ preoccupation to collectively gaining insights and ways to possibly excite and revive
    parish life and faith expression. So, please, your full, active and conscious participation is called for.
    We’ve provided some useful links, that were mentioned in the online event.  Find out more
    about GIFT that Fr Kim mentioned here  Watch previous Divine Renovation webinars on First Holy
    Communion Preparation and Confirmation. From Courses to Conversions: Part 1 First Holy
    Communion Part 2 Conformation How can DR support you and your parish?
    Divine Renovation would love to walk alongside you as you journey on this road of renewal. If you
    are not already connected with us the easiest way to get started is to book a call with us and we can
    have a more in-depth discussion about how Divine Renovation can support you and your parish.
    Our website  is a great resource to access our materials including our three keys document  for
    parishes which you can download for free and use to share the DR Principles with your parishioners.
    You can also subscribe to our newsletter to have stories, events and news from Divine Renovation
    delivered right to your inbox. To view other upcoming events click here 

Online event Break free from Maintenance Culture: How to Build a Parish of Apostolic
Disciples Wednesday, 19th July at 7 PM UK.
Parish renewal can sometimes feel like you’re constantly running up against a wall. Perhaps you’re
working hard to cast vision and get Alpha going but things aren’t changing, and you don’t see the
fruit of transformed lives. When a powerful maintenance culture just won’t budge and you’re at a
point of dismay, how do you move forward? Join Deacon Keith Strohm, Fr. Stephen Pritchard, and
Pauline McEvoy-Williams at our upcoming online event and learn strategies on overcoming
maintenance culture in your parish. Register today. We come alongside priests and parishes at no
Your gift can ensure that priests and parish leaders have access to coaching at no cost to their parish.
By removing money as a barrier to renewal, you are making renewal a possibility for every parish.
To support the mission of Divine Renovation please click here or visit 
Sacraments: Parents are required to complete a Baptism course for each of their children. For
more information call Fr. Michael
Sacrament of Holy Communion & Anointing of the Sick: This Sacrament is available for anyone
who has a serious illness: the elderly whose frailty is becoming more pronounced, major
surgery/serious medical tests, uncontrollable and chronic illnesses (arthritis, diabetes, etc.), mental
illness. If you know of anyone who would benefit from this sacrament or is homebound due to
infirmity and seeking sacraments please call Fr. Michael.