1. CSM Family Camp: Annual St. Martin Camp for families will be held from Friday Aug 25 –
    Sunday Aug 27, 2023 in Camp Arteban, Lac Cardinal, Grimshaw. Fee $ 125 per family. We
    courage you participate together with your family. For more information login archam.ca/csm
  2. Nine days Novea in view of the Nativity of Our Blessed Mother will begin on Thursday Aug
    31, 2023. We encourage everyone to join.
  3. Father will be away for annual clergy retreat from Mon Aug 28 – Friday, Sept 1 till afternoon.
    There will be NO WEEK DAYS MASSES from Aug 28 to Friday Sept 1 morning. However
    First Friday devotion and Holy Eucharist will held on Friday Sept 1 at 7:00PM – 8:00PM
  4. IMPORTANT: Letter on the Archbishop’s health: Archbishop Pettipas’ shares his recent
    diagnosis with prostate cancer and the treatments he will be receiving over the coming weeks.
    Let us continue to pray for the health and recovery of His Grace during this time and into the
    future. The letter is attached as a PDF and can be read/shared online
    here: https://www.archgm.ca/2023/08/archbishop-shares-letter-addressing-his-cancer-diagnosis/
  5. 2023 Youth Ministry Leadership Workshop: As directed by the Archbishop to re-awaken
    and promote youth ministry initiatives across parishes and Schools in the Archdiocese,I wish to
    remind you of this important workshop for all priests, deacons, youth animators, volunteers and
    parents. We have a guest facilitator for the first session from Ontario with years of priestly
    experiences and youth ministry engagement across Canada. 
    Our chosen theme for the workshop is “The Opening Horizons for Young People.” Our hope is
    to inspire and arouse more people to take active part in the beautiful ministry of
    support/fellowship with the young across the Archdiocese.
    Please, details are found in the attachment. 
    Part One : ONLINE PARTICIPATION FOR ALL – September 23, 2023
    Part Two: In-Person Attendance : 
    September 30, 2023 – Our Lady of Peace Parish and surrounding parishes 
    October 14th 2023 – St. Joseph Grande Prairie and surrounding parishes 
    Please, forward this email to all your pastoral council members and youth/children
    ministry leaders/volunteers. 
    We are still anticipating the list of participants from your parish and schools (if you have not
    done so already). Send your list directly to the Vicar General before our clergy retreat. 

Let us join hands to awaken youth ministry programs and initiative in our parish communities.
Blessings and Peace.
Rev. Emmanuel Ekanem
Office of Evangelization and Catechesis

  1. Intentional discipleship Formation for adults (Catechetical modules). Starting Sept 2023.
    Online & in-person sessions. A sign up sheet is placed at the foyer. We encourage all interested
    in ongoing faith formation catechesis & lay evangelizers. For more information contact parish
    office/Fr. Michael. More information: Archdiocesan website/ Office of Evangelization and
    Catechesis Calendar.
  2. Prayer Chain requests: Confidentiality assured: Contact parish office/Fr. Michael
    Please pray for the sick: His Grace Archbishop Pettipas, Burna Rota, Jean, Bernie Coulas, …….
  3. Sacraments: Parents are required to complete a Baptism course for each of their children.
    For more information call Fr. Michael
    Sacrament of Holy Communion & Anointing of the Sick: This Sacrament is available for
    anyone who has a serious illness: the elderly whose frailty is becoming more pronounced, major
    surgery/serious medical tests, uncontrollable and chronic illnesses (arthritis, diabetes, etc.),
    mental illness. If you know of anyone who would benefit from this sacrament or is homebound
    due to infirmity and seeking sacraments please call Fr. Michael.

Father’s footsteps Aug 21- 26, 2023

Monday Aug 21: Mass at 9:00AM
Ministry Outreach, Beaverlodge Hospital and neighbouring communities
Divine Renovation workshop
Tuesday Aug 22: Mass at 9:00AM followed by CWL Rosary for Peace
Ministry Outreach, Rio Grande and neighbouring communities
Preparation for Sacraments
Blessing of Family graves.
Wednesday :Aug 23: Mass at 9:00AM
Ministry Outreach Hythe Continuing Care at 10:00AM.
Hythe Pioneer’s Home at 12:20Noon
Visits to Housebound and sick – Horselake First Nation
Ministry Outreach – Pearson Home, Hythe at 1:45PM
Knights of Coloumbus Rosary at 5:30PM
Thursday Aug 24: Mass at 9:00 AM
Ministry Outreach, Beaverlodge Hospital and neighbouring communities
Preparation for Sacraments
Friday Aug 25: Mass at 9:00AM followed by Eucharistic adoration.
Divine Renovation Seminar
Ministry Outreach, Beaverlodge, Hythe and neighbouring communities
Blessing of family Graves.
Saturday Aug 26: Mass at 9:00AM.
Ministry Outreach, Beaverlodge Hospital and neighbouring communities
Sunday Mass celebrated on Saturday evening at St. Edmund’s Church, Hythe at 7:30PM.
Sacrament of Reconciliation: Father will be available for confessions on week days half an hour
before Mass and upon request. If there is a requirement Sunday’s after Mass.
Holy Communion to the sick and house bond, Blessings: Available anytime upon request
Please note: This is my usual schedule for the week. Unexpected emergencies do pop-up. If you
need to contact me for any needs please feel free to do so.